DEMO-20: Walking on Sunshine – Dynamische Wetterparameter in Outdoor VR

Aussteller: Laurin Gerhardt, Marcel Tiator, Mitja Säger, Christian Geiger
Hochschule Düsseldorf

The user experience in a vr application that takes place in an outdoor virtual environment (OVE) depends on the level of presence during the interaction with the system. If an OVE is experienced indoors, the weather parameter can only be simulated. In contrast to that, the immersion of a system increases if an application is experienced outdoors, i. e. circumstances of the real environment are mapped in the virtual world. This paper describes the implementation of a demonstrator in order to investigate the influence of real weather on the perceived presence in an outdoor scenario against its influence on an indoor scenario with simulated weather. In order to achive greater mobility, an hmd with inside-out tracking is combined with a backpack pc. Thus, the user can experience a large OVE outdoors on foot.


WalkingOnSunshine from Christian Geiger, XP Lab on Vimeo.

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