DEMO-09: Glass Panel Displays with Addressable LEDs

Aussteller: Alexander Carôt¹, Stephan Ebeling1, Christian Hoene², Peter Platz³, Herve Loridan³
¹ Fachbereich Informatik und Sprachen, Hochschule Anhalt
² Symonics GmbH
³ Peter Platz Spezialglas GmbH

Driven by the vision of creating a low-latency display for remote orchestra conductors we developed and manufactured a transparent glass panel, which contains individually controllable LEDs. The glass panels are covered with thin film of indium tin oxide (ITO), which makes the glass conductible. A laser mills conductive paths. Finally, addressable LEDs are mounted on the glass. The main problem we addressed is the sheet resistance of ITO, which is at least 5 Ω / square (PGO, 2018). A typical PCB has a resistance 10,000 times lower. We have overcome this hurdle by optimizing layout, selecting appropriated LEDs, and including control logic. Our glass panels are controllable via WLAN, need only a DC power supply. In our demo one glass panel will be connected to the output of an Optitrack S250e IR-tracking camera. This setup allows people to use a baton in front of our camera, while their movements are displayed on the LED matrix with a perceivably minimal amount of latency.